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Best Years Knitted Triceratops Soft Toy (Red)

Get ready for some dino-mite fun with our knitted Triceratops soft toy that comes in a bold red color! This toy is perfect for all ages and while it may be called a Triceratops, don't be fooled - it actually only had 2 real horns. The one on its snout wasn't even made of horn! Whether you call it a Triceratops or a Diatops, our dinosaur toy is a unique and playful gift idea for kids who love all things prehistoric.

Tommy’s jokes drive his friends round the bend
But this triceratops in a loyal, loving friend.
You might not always think he’s funny
But when the chips are down, he’s your bestest buddy.


Triceratops Knitted Dinosaur Toys & Rattles:

Material: acrylic yarn, recycled polyester fill

Approx. Dimensions: 17cm x 14cm x 24cm

Ethically sourced from: our long term partners in China.  

Colour: red

Care:  Machine washable

Age Suitability:  Suitable from birth

Safety Testing:  UKCA / CE