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Best Years Knitted Titanosaur (Large) Dinosaur Toy


Now this is a big boy, he is huge and has a poseable neck and tail also...

This knitted titanosaur is one colossal creature that roamed the Earth! It's four times heavier than a diplodocus, and it all started from a football-sized egg. Like the triceratops and stegosaurus, this herbivorous dino eats from the tops of trees. This giant dino plush is the perfect gift for anyone who's crazy about dinosaurs, young or old!


 Titanosaur Knitted Dinosaur Toy 

Material: acrylic yarn, recycled polyester fill

Approx. Dimensions: 40 cm x 21 cm x 82 cm

Ethically sourced from: our long term partners in China. 

Colour: green

Care:  Machine washable 

Age Suitability:  Suitable from birth

Safety Testing:  UKCA / CE