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Celestial Buddies Astrobuddy Space Plush Astronaut


AstroBuddy includes a detachable zippered backpack, perfect for storing all the necessary items to make kids' make-believe spacewalks a hit. It's the perfect addition to your summer merchandise lineup, bringing limitless enjoyment to young explorers.

As the school year begins, AstroBuddy easily fits into your back-to-school collection, offering students a distinctive and informative accessory. 

Embark on journeys to cuddly planets such as Small Earth, Luna, Red Planet, and Ringed World! Match with fellow Celestial Buddies plush planets for infants or young ones who adore cosmic playthings. Fill up on Astrobuddy to draw in both holiday buyers and galactic devotees, making it essential for your shop.


• Made in China

• Product language: English

• Weight: 340.19 g (12 oz)

• Dimensions: 25.4 x 17.8 x 32.5 cm (10 x 7 x 12.8 in)