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Giant Microbes Amoeba Proteus - Planet Microbe SALE
Giant Microbes Amoeba Proteus - Planet Microbe SALE

Giant Microbes Original Amoeba Proteus

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Now here is a little microbe just bursting with character. This is the Giant Microbes Amoeba Proteus.

I can remember at school when we were taught about this little fellow and the fact that he was a single cell organism. Didn't take long before we were calling the teacher's Amoeba's. Wasn't that funny to be honest.

So what is the Amoeba all about?

Well, did you know that this clever little cutie can change his shape and also his colour to suit its environment and they tend to love at the bottom of a pond.

Now here is something really impressive ...

The amoeba lives for only two days, but what it does to reproduce is split itself in half. That means that not only are these a single cell organism, they are also technically immortal. Also, as cuddly as they seem these are vicious microbes that are on top of the microbe food chain and can easily kill and consume any other that comes it's way.