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Giant Microbes Booger Bogey Mucus - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Booger Bogey Mucus - Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Original Booger Bogey Mucus



Well, it just had to happen at some point didn't it, we finally have the Giant Microbes Booger Bogey Mucus and for a dried up piece of easel mucus this little fellow is actually really cute.

Now this giant microbe would be perfect for anyone you know who is persistent nose picker

But, as disgusting as this little horrible cretin is, we really need these to keep us healthy and free from infection. These are our first line of defence with every breath we take.

These trap and hold any nasties that may be hanging around in the air and prevent them from entering out bodies.

So the next time you go rooting around your nasal openings and you pull one of these out, just remember to say thank you to him before you either flick him away, or eat him if you so desire, yummy.

Did you know that 70% of us pick our nose, and if you did know that, do you know what the real name for this activity is? Well, I do, because I am sad enough to look it up, it is called rhinotillexis. So the next time you see someone you know with their finger stuffed all the way up their hooter, just say "excuse me, could you refrain from rhinotillexing please as you are making my stomach churn".