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Giant Microbes Cancer Malignant Neoplasm - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Cancer Cell (Turns Inside Out) - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Cancer Malignant Neoplasm - Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Cancer Cell (Turns Inside Out) Malignant Neoplasm



Well, don't let this tiny terror fool you - Giant Microbes Cancer Malignant Neoplasm is no laughing matter! This extra special and symbolic Cell makes history by being able to switch up its look: goes from aggressive cancer cell to benign cancer cell with a simple flip of the switch - inside out! Giant Microbes Cancer Malignant Neoplasm: Few words give us the willies like cancer does. But it all started with Hippocrates back in ancient greece. He noticed a tumor's outgoing tentacles reminded him of a crab, so he called it "karkinos". The rest is history (or rather, Latin) - became "cancer". Nowadays, cancer encompasses a wide array of diseases, all caused by genetic damage that turns normal cells into mutant, uncontrollable ones. Even worse, they can spread throughout the body and cause destruction wherever they go. So what causes these cancers? There's some hereditary stuff in there, as well as lifestyle factors - smoking, drinking  

Although the fundamentals of cancer treatment – surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy – have not changed in many years, advances in imaging of tumors, together with more sophisticated methods for delivering therapies, have greatly improved their effectiveness. In addition, new "biologic" and targeted therapies have also been developed that act directly on the cellular processes that cause cancer cells to behave so destructively. Finally, early diagnosis identifies cancers before they have a chance to spread.


As a result, many people who develop cancer have a greatly improved chance of recovery than was the case even just a few years ago. In fact, while more than one-third of women and almost half of all men will develop cancer at some time in their life, most will survive the experience.


Cancer is a frightening prospect. But the newest drugs and medical advances are helping to cure more people than ever.