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Giant Microbes - Crab Louse (Pthirus Pubis) - Planet Microbe SALE
Giant Microbes - Crab Louse (Pthirus Pubis) - Planet Microbe SALE

Giant Microbes Original Pubic Crab Louse

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Well, what can I say? CRABS !!!! Believe it or not, these came from Gorilla's. Evolution made them what they are today and these are more common than you think.

However, of course Giant Microbes has turned these into a lovable little critter worthy of a kiss and a cuddle. A perfect gift for that special someone. I am sure if you tell someone you want to give them Crabs and then hand this little fellow over you will be forgiven. Or maybe not!!


DNA evidence revealed that human crabs evolved from gorilla crabs 3.3 million years ago when the human ancestor, Australopithecus, evolved. The famous “Lucy” fossil came from this era.

Famous people who died of it: As uncomfortable as this disease may be, people don’t die from crabs. Tremaine Neverson, the American singer, songwriter, and rapper better known as Trey Songz, admitted that one of his ex-girlfriends gave him crabs when he was 16.

All Giant Microbes come with a printed card with fascinating facts