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Giant Microbes Kidney Cell Podocyte - Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Kidney Cell Podocyte

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This is the Giant Microbes Kidney Cell Podocyte. Another elusive Giant Microbe that we have managed to get hold of. Finally here for you to add to your collection. Fact is, two kidneys are better than one. In fact, you can manage perfectly well with just one kidney, you kind of get a spare one pre-installed just in case. A little like a spare tyre in a car or one of those buttons you get attached to the care label of a shirt. I don't advise you selling one of them though, keep them both for yourself, you never know you might need a spare one day.

After all, these are what keeps all that lovely blood free from toxins and other nasties and makes sure that your red blood cells are balanced and healthy.

This Giant Microbe would be an awesome training tool for the classroom at home or for anyone who just loves Giant Microbes, like me!