Giant Microbes Norovirus

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Giant Microbes Norovirus

Well, here we have a lovely little friend. It's the Giant Microbes Norovirus. Now this little fiend causes a lot of problems. This is the one that can shut a hospital down if there is an outbreak and when you get this little beauty inside you, you are really going to know about it. You will run, and if you don't get to the toilet in time you are going to be in a big mess, at both ends if you get my drift. Norovirus is really nasty, and look how cute it looks.

Giant Microbes Norovirus

You can get this via the eyes, mouth or nose and you get this from people or contaminated surfaces. The prevention is easy though, wash your hands and keep your surfaces clean. Once this has taken hold you are not going to very happy, you will become dehydrated and you will be ill for 1 to 3 days. You cannot treat this with antibiotics either, you just have to wait it out.

But, on plus side, look how cuddly he is! Add him now to your Giant Microbe Collection. This is great also as an education tool

Product Description

Giant Microbes are plush versions of actual microbes, cells and organisms. The main difference is that they are around 1 million times the actual size and they are cute and cuddly.

Original Giant Microbes: 12-20cm

All the plush microbes are manufactured from new materials and are made from polyester. They are surface washable by using a sponge with water and soap. Then you can just leave them out to dry. Please don’t put them in a tumble dryer, they will not like it.

Every Giant Microbe product either meets or exceeds all United States and also European standard, guidelines and safety laws.

Giant Microbes are designed for ages of 3 years and over

All Giant Microbe products come with information including fun, educational and fascinating facts about the microbe in question. This is either attached with an information card or on the reverse of gifts boxes.