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Giant Microbes Original Arthritis - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Original Arthritis - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Original Arthritis - Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Original Arthritis



Now here is something that the majority of us will come face to face with at some time in our more senior years (although this can attack younger people as well). This is the Giant Microbes Original Arthritis, and this is very painful.

Who needs a weather report when you have arthritis! This leading cause of disability is quite serious and painful. Yet with this cute and friendly plush arthritis, you’re bound to keep your grip on reality and your sense of humour about joint stiffness and pain.

FACTS: Arthritis is a disease of the joints and one of the leading causes of disability. This common ailment causes inflammation, resulting in pain and stiffness that tends to worsen with age. Arthritis is one of the oldest known diseases. It has been discovered in the remains of people living more than 500,000 years ago. Even dogs, cats and other animals develop arthritis. Arthritis is more complicated and varied than most people realize. There are many forms that affect people in different ways. The common thread is inflammation and stiffness of the joints.

The most prevalent types of arthritis are osteoarthritis (OA) and rheumatoid arthritis (RA). OA is a painful, degenerative joint disease, typically involving the knees, hips, hands, neck or back. RA is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system goes awry and mistakenly attacks the joints. The cause of this is not fully understood, but evidence indicates genes, hormones and environmental factors are involved. If left unchecked, RA can damage both cartilage and bones. A loss of cartilage will reduce the spacing between bones. Joints become loose, unstable, immobile, deformed and painful.

Arthritis can significantly compromise one’s quality of life, and even increase the risk of premature death. While many people dismiss their aches and stiffness, it is vital to accurately diagnose arthritis as early as possible. This will help control the disease and improve outcomes. Medications, surgery and other treatments for arthritis will typically reduce inflammation, relieve symptoms, prevent irreversible joint damage and improve well-being.