Giant Microbes Original Brain Organ - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Original Brain Organ - Planet Microbe
Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Original Brain Organ

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Here we have the newly launched Giant Microbes Original Brain Organ, a human brain of course. Now this is not a brain cell (please look for the brain cell if this is what you are looking for). This is the actual brain organ itself.

This would make a great gift for anyone who is either a little on the brainy side (like myself), a little not so brainy and needs a little extra brain power, someone who is graduating from University, just finished college, passed their GCSE's or has passed some exam that required lots of brain power. Or simply this could be someone who just loves collecting Giant Microbes and they just want to add to their collection.

This addition to the Giant Microbe family has just been released and is one of the larger microbes from the original range. I have to say also that this is one of the cutest looking microbe plushes.

The three-pound brain inside your head is your mind, your personality and your body’s boss. From speaking and seeing, to thinking and remembering, your brain controls what you do!

The human brain is the most hopeful thing there is. It provides original thoughts, ideas and emotions. With it you can write books, run a race and create music. Be smart and check out this adorably realistic brain today!