Giant Microbes Original House Fly

Planet Microbe

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Giant Microbes Original House Fly

Technically not a microbes, but a sure fire way of getting all those nasty microbes around your house and on your food. This is like an aeroplane for germs. This is the Giant Microbes Original House Fly.

( What do you call a fly with no wings? A flew )

Giant Microbes Original House Fly

 Everyones worst annoying and buzzing little pest. Once you get one of these in your front room, just by flying around can ruin your film, dinner, party or just about anything. These germ carrying horrible little things has got to be the one thing that will absolutely drive you mad. Get the swatter out and the fly spray and get the little creepy flyer.


Jazzy Robot are actually very proud to have the Giant Microbe House Fly in its Giant Microbe family. After all this is an expert in carrying microbes around and dropping them wherever it wants to. You could look at the house fly as being a Boeing 737 for just about every germ and microbe  that lives in your house.


Catch it if you can