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Giant Microbes Original Plague Inc: Bio-Weapon Bioweapon

£9.95 £12.99

Introducing exclusive Plague Inc. plush gifts from Giant Microbes! Based on Plague Inc., the mega popular mobile, PC and console game from Ndemic Creations with over 65 million players - can you infect the world?

The Bio-Weapon is an angry pathogen that has no time for messing around - do not touch it! Released on the world accidentally, it becomes more lethal over time and is incredibly hard to control. Can it still spread when it kills everyone it touches?

For any of the hardcore gamers out there, this is the pathogen from the original computer game Plague Inc.

The game is all about developing a deadly pathogen and then to release it onto the world. This Bio Weapon is the deadliest weapon in the game and here we have it in all of its Giant Microbe glory.

Granted, this is not a microbe that actually exists, but this is a microbe well known for it’s deadly force.

In the world of gamers there is nothing to top this. Come across this in any shape or form and you are dead.

This microbe is a must for any Plague Inc fan and to be honest I think that this is one the most awesome looking giant microbe ever.  Grab one of these while you can because this limited edition and we only have a few of them in stock.