Giant Microbes Original Salmonella

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Giant Microbes Original Salmonella

Made famous by Edwina Currie all those years ago. Who could forget Salmonella Gate. Well, this is the little cute pie that caused all those problems. This is the Giant Microbes Original Salmonella.

Well, which came first you may ask, the chicken or Salmonella.

jazzy Robot is pleased to add Salmonella to their ever growing Giant Microbe family. Probably one of the most famous microbes of all time. Especially when Edwina Currie has finished her little campaign, who can remember that or am I just showing my age. Salmonella is one nasty little bug and one of the most common. However, help is at HAND, literally. Plenty of care and basic food hygiene when preparing food and even storing it will help keep this little pest away. Just keep your hands clean too and you should be fine.

In the meantime, here you can get yourself your very own Salmonella microbe for you to love and cherish.

Jazzy Robot is proud to adfd this little fella to their Giant Microbe Family. So why don't you?