Giant Microbes Original White Lab Mouse

Planet Microbe

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Giant Microbes Original White Lab Mouse

Jazzy Robot is proud to present to you the Giant Microbes Original White Lab Mouse, after all this little fella has helped in the development and creation of some of the most important and impressive microbes in the world.

Giant Microbes Original White Lab Mouse

Now you wouldn't be wrong in thinking to yourself why is this a Giant Microbe when in-fact it is a mouse.  Well, you are correct, the mouse is not a microbe but the reason for this inclusion in the Jazzy Robot Giant Microbes family is because this little cutey pie has helped create more vaccines and treatments that has helped us humans save millions of lives over the years and not only that but the mouse has helped improve the quality of life for so many people. 


The Lab Mouse is in-fact pivotal in developing new and complex microbes to help us evolve and remain healthy ensuring that we live a happy and long life.

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, may we give to you the White Lab Mouse. The latest addition to the Giant Microbe family.

The white lab mouse is the unsung hero of our medical miracles. But does it want renown – or just a happy home? You decide.