Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte - Planet Microbe
Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte

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Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte

This is the one cell that we see more than any other. This is what gives us red blood. Jazzy Robot presents to you Giant Microbes Red Blood Cell Erythrocyte.

Now this is a very clever little chappie. Without this cell in your body you cannot survive, as this is the fellow that carries all the oxygen that we breathe around our body. It feeds all of your organs constantly. A normal person has 10,000,000,000,000 of these, so don't worry if you prick your finger, you have plenty more if you loose a little.

Jazzy Robot

Did you know what the blood banks in the UK need to be constantly refilled and we can only keep blood for a maximum of 6 weeks. Then unfortunately it has to be disposed of. Blood banks need our blood to save peoples  lives. I had a blood transfusion a few years ago, without it I would have truly died. I can't thank that person enough for giving their blood so I could live. This is a great tool for education and for blood donation awareness. Plus he is rather cute. He looks like someone I work with actually.

Product Description

Giant Microbes are plush versions of actual microbes, cells and organisms. The main difference is that they are around 1 million times the actual size and they are cute and cuddly.

Original Giant Microbes: 12-20cm

All the plush microbes are manufactured from new materials and are made from polyester. They are surface washable by using a sponge with water and soap. Then you can just leave them out to dry. Please don’t put them in a tumble dryer, they will not like it.

Every Giant Microbe product either meets or exceeds all United States and also European standard, guidelines and safety laws.

Giant Microbes are designed for ages of 3 years and over

All Giant Microbe products come with information including fun, educational and fascinating facts about the microbe in question. This is either attached with an information card or on the reverse of gifts boxes.