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Giant Microbes Stem Cell Key Ring - Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Stem Cell Key Ring



The miraculous stem cell is an extraordinary dreamer – it can morph into any form it desires. Pluripotent, unspecialized cells, they divide and transform into whatever the body needs. Carry around a fun, hands-on way to educate yourself about biology, health, and these limitless cells. A memorable gift for friends, family, students, nurses, scientists, doctors, biology and health education, and anyone with a humorous outlook. High quality materials and an educational printed card with clever facts about Stem Cells. Cells in the body are pros at distinct jobs, like generating electrical impulses in the brain or carrying oxygen through the blood - or breaking down your lunch! But stem cells are special cuz they’re ready, willing, and able to become anything eventually. During the first days post-birth, stem cells take the spotlight by differentiating into millions of necessary cells to construct the miracle of you. Therefore, they’re termed pluripotent because they can become anything