Giant Microbes Waterbear Hypsibius Dujardini - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Waterbear Hypsibius Dujardini - Planet Microbe
Giant Microbes Waterbear Hypsibius Dujardini - Planet Microbe
Planet Microbe

Giant Microbes Waterbear Hypsibius Dujardini

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Look at this cute eight legged beast. This is the Giant Microbes Waterbear Hypsibius Dujardini and it is called a waterbear because it looks like a bear. However, I don't think it does. I think it looks more like an eight legged funny looking smurf wannabe

Saying that this is one of the most popular Giant Microbe plush toys ever and it is not very often you actually find this little chap in stock. But, we have some here at Jazzy Robot so you are in luck. Well, that is until they all go and I can't get anymore.

So, who is this little friend of ours. Well, he is a microbe that lives in water (as you may have guessed by the name). He has a few tricks up his sleeve as well. He can hibernate for decades before deciding to wake up and do something with its life. But that is not the most impressive quality this creature has. How about this, he can survive in boiling water????? Plus, he can dry himself out to 99% of its body moisture and stay a literal dry creature for decades and decades. But his amazing super powers don't stop there, he can survive a thousand times more radiation than  a human being and apparently these can survive the vacuum of outer space (not sure how they found that out to be honest).

So here you have it. The Waterbear by Giant Microbes, sweet, cuddly and a superhero amongst microbes. 

Giant Microbes are plush versions of actual microbes, cells and organisms. The main difference is that they are around 1 million times the actual size and they are cute and cuddly.

All the plush microbes are manufactured from new materials and are made from polyester. They are surface washable by using a sponge with water and soap. Then you can just leave them out to dry. Please don’t put them in a tumble dryer, they will not like it.

Every Giant Microbe product either meets or exceeds all United States and also European standard, guidelines and safety laws.

Giant Microbes are designed for ages of 3 years and over

All Giant Microbe products come with information including fun, educational and fascinating facts about the microbe in question. This is either attached with an information card or on the reverse of gifts boxes.